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Kallie-Maddie Log

I have always had a love for animals especially dogs, our first family dog Toffee inspired me to start  understanding the doggy world, this desire was even greater when I lost her to epilepsy at the age of 3.  My dog training career started in 2001 and 12 years later I like to think I have given a lot of woof  wisdom too many people and their dogs. Recently I decided to start my own dog training business  called Friendly Paws. Over this time I have attained gold level standard in the ADTB (Academy of Dog  Training and Behaviour) Attended many dog related workshops and seminars including Development for puppies by Dr Peter Neville and Dominance, fact or fiction by Barry Eaton, among many others that cover all aspects of dogs and puppies in day to day life and training.

My current Labrador Kallie has been a qualified PAT dog (Pets As Therapy) since she was 2 years old (she is now 9), which makes me very proud of her! My tri border collie Madi has taught me such a lot; we have had fun training, walking and agility together. To be a team with your dog(s) is what I believe dog ownership is all about. I would now like to help owners and their dogs become a team by working on a one 2 one basis with them.